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Pro-Life Presentation

Educational Presentation on Orthodox Pro-Life Event -- by Hannah Conover

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March For Life 2021
ProLife Ministry

This ministry focuses on protecting the sanctity of life from conception through natural death.  There are various ways to do this.  A couple of examples would be:

  • Supporting Crossroads, a crisis pregnancy center for both women and men in need when faced with unexpectant pregnancies. A nice way to do this is to come out and participate in the 5K walk/run.

  • Participating in the March for Life, a prayerful protest against the Roe v Wade and the legalization of abortion.  This is an annual event in which we take a bus to our nation’s capital and then attend the rally and join in the march to peacefully protest for the rights of the unborn. 

For those interested, check out the following pro-life resources:


 Please contact Kendra Moody or Christina Vlseides for more information.

March for Life - See the flyer for more information!

Please fill out this interest survey.

Tentative Plam/Schedule:

  • Gather at St. Philip—5:45am
  • Bus Departs—6:00am
  • Leave Washington, D.C.—4:00pm
  • Arrive at St. Philip—9:30pm 

Cost — $40/person (Includes Bus & Gratuity)



Searchable Scripture

Searchable Bible (King James Version), including the "Deuterocanonical/Aprocryphal" books


The Eucharist as the Mystery of Mysteries: Reflections on the Orthodox Unders...
13 Sep 2023 at 1:20pm

Justin and Nick discuss various aspects of how the Orthodox Church understands the Mystery, or Sacrament, of the Eucharist. What is the Eucharist? Why is it important? How do we prepare to receive it? These and other like questions.

Why Do We Go to Church?: Worship & the Image of God
12 Apr 2023 at 2:47pm

In this reboot of Living Orthodoxy, Sdn Justin Gohl and Rdr Nick Muzekari discuss the importance of going to Church, participating in the worship of the Church, as the place where we encounter Christ and find the true purpose of our lives as human...

Homily: Fr Noah on The Sunday of the Prodigal Son (3/28/21)
12 Mar 2021 at 2:25pm

We are prodigals who have gone astray and need to return to the Father. We must see ourselves as the older brother...

End of Liturgy Homily: Fr. Witalis Sunday of the Prodigal Son
12 Mar 2021 at 2:06pm

Fr. Witalis reminds us of the perils of sexual immorality. 

Homily: Fr James Thayer
18 Mar 2020 at 10:11am

Homily given by Fr James Thayer on the Divine Liturgy


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