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With many church school classrooms closed for the time being, please share the following resources with families in your parish as they work to continue Christian Education at home. These resources are user-friendly and require very little prep. 
For example, yesterday I used the Let Us Attend Gospel lesson with my six-year old, and she enjoyed the audio recording and corresponding handout with discussion questions. It was a short lesson, but provided quality family time with a faith component.
A "special edition" post went up on the Orthodox Christian Parenting blog today with a treasure trove of resources, all aimed at making the most of this "bonus time" with our families. PLEASE read and share. The post includes links to Orthodox Christian audio books, podcasts, daily devotionals, video series for youth, free to download focus units, arts and crafts ideas, and more: 
Here are additional options:
The Children's Word from Orthodox Christian Network
Each issue includes a message on the Sunday Gospel lesson and on one of the saints for the week. You’ll also find a coloring page and other activities. 
Videos from Orthodox Pebbles, appropriate for preschool through early elementary: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7SaKFFdY-O88dXr6a5Zl6n-ukD2uOy__
Corresponding free printables at: https://orthodoxpebbles.com/
For middle school students and older - short, hand-drawn videos on the lives of saints: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU2phFsLe3HP2Jqh-4NIfapX71MzTjvLm
The Lord's Prayer copy work: 
Free printable Pascha cards: 
Library of free printables from Many Mercies Orthodox Christian blog, including a Lenten Memory Verse Garden, a Lenten calendar, and Pascha cards: 
Lesson plans on a variety of topics, with corresponding worksheets (best for 2nd grade and older): 
As I learn of additional resources, I will forward to our group so that our children may continue to build their faith during the Lenten season.
In Christ,
Anna-Sarah Farha
Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education


Searchable Scripture

Searchable Bible (King James Version), including the "Deuterocanonical/Aprocryphal" books


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