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Coffee hour (with COVID-restrictions, now referred to as ‘Coffee-To-Go’) provides food and drink directly following Sunday’s divine liturgy.   Coffee Hour serves more than the purpose of filling rumbly bellies and satisfying caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  It brings us together for fellowship and even a chance to evangelize .If you are looking for an opportunity to foster fellowship among our parishioners and guests, this may be the ministry just for you!

This ministry consists of teams of two or three people who are responsible for setting up, serving and cleaning up for coffee hour and Sunday school snacks on their assigned Sunday. As a member of this team you are not responsible for the providing the food/drink (to be provided by sponsor(s) or by pot-luck donations), but to help in the actual work of running a coffee hour. In the event the coffee hour is to be sponsored, the assigned coffee hour team for day would be assist the sponsor(s) in setting up, serving and cleaning up.  We are always looking for new members to join this ministry - many hands make work light!  Please contact Kendra Moody for more information.

Coffee Hour Sponsor

Under current COVID-19 restrictions, the weekly coffee-hour following the Divine Liturgy has been placed on hold, and we are only serving a snack with coffee-to-go.   When it resumes, coffee hour is intended to provide a snack and drink for around 100 people. Sponsors are requested to provide the food and drink and help in serving and cleaning up.  All St Philip’s parishioners will be encouraged to sponsor(with the aid of the coffee-hour team) and/or support coffee hour.


God-willing we will resume coffee hour, and you may want to consider:


  • Sponsoring a coffee hour all by yourself (again you may be the provider of the food and drink, but you would have the assistance of the coffee hour team to help out),  for maybe a special event such a birthday or anniversary; or

  • Sponsoring a coffee hour with another family or two and sign-up a couple times a year; or

  • Not sponsoring, but making a donation.


While we remain under restrictions for COVID-19 and don't require sponsors for the present moment, donations of individually packaged snacks are welcomed for ‘coffee-to-go’.  Please contact Kendra Moody for more information.


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18 Mar 2020 at 10:11am

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12 Mar 2020 at 10:11am

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19 Feb 2020 at 10:11am

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